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What I Wish I Knew About Curly Hair Products for Kids

What I Wish I Knew About Curly Hair Products for Kids

There are certain pieces of advice you hear everywhere when you’re a new parent: how to get your child to sleep, when and what to feed them, and how to discipline them. But when it comes to managing your child’s beautiful but chaotic curls, everyone is suddenly silent.


In many families, straight-haired and curly-haired parents alike find themselves confused and overwhelmed when trying to keep their child’s hair in check. Why is it so difficult to manage your child’s curly hair, and how do you find the right curly hair products for kids?

Why Caring for a Child’s Curly Hair Is a Challenge

It’s no secret that caring for curly hair is more complicated than straight hair. The hair itself is tricky, but when it’s attached to a child, you reach a whole new level of difficulty.

Maintaining the Moisture Balance

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of managing curly hair. Curly hair tends to dry out more quickly than straight hair, and that dryness leads to epic levels of frizz and breakage.


As challenging as it is to keep an adult’s curly hair hydrated, it’s far more difficult with kids. They’re running and playing outside, and they may need baths more often than their hair needs to be washed. And when swimming season comes around, all bets may as well be off.

Harsh Products

Products for curly hair are notorious for containing chemicals to keep the hair under control. Those products are especially irritating to a child’s delicate scalp.


In most cases, kids don’t love the way those chemicals smell, either, so you won’t exactly have their full cooperation during your styling sessions. Furthermore, it’s important to avoid getting the chemicals into your child’s eyes, which is difficult when they’re squirming around, trying to get back to playing.

Time, Time, and More Time


Curly hair takes more time to manage, and if there’s anything that a parent doesn’t have, it’s extra time. Especially if you’re using separate products for conditioning, frizz control, strengthening, and curl enhancement, you’ll have a tough time fitting it all into your schedule.

Tips for Caring for Your Child’s Curly Hair

As complex as curly hair might be, it’s truly beautiful when you establish a routine and find the right products to manage it. A few handy tips can give you more control.

Keep Shampoo to a Minimum

As important as it is for your child’s hair to be clean, shampoo will also cut down on the hair’s natural moisture and make your child prone to frizzy tangles. The goal is to shampoo your child’s hair as little as possible.


Every person’s hair and scalp is different, so it will take some experimentation to see how long you can wait between shampoo sessions.


Between shampoos, you can wash your child’s hair with water and conditioner alone. Your routine may vary, but many parents only need to shampoo once per week while washing and conditioning the hair every few days.

Stick to Products with Natural Ingredients

As common as harsh chemicals are in curly hair products for kids, they aren’t inevitable. Seek out products that use natural ingredients instead.


This allows your child to avoid uncomfortable scalp irritation and it cuts out the potential dangers of using the hair care chemicals long-term. As an added bonus, taking away the strong chemical smell means your child may have more patience for the process.

Detangle the Right Way

Detangling a child’s curly hair after bath time has caused stress for countless parents, not to mention pain and annoyance for their kids. While it takes time to learn the technique, one of the most common mistakes to avoid is detangling from the roots down.


Instead, start at the ends of your child’s hair and detangle small sections at a time, working your way toward the roots. This is more efficient and it reduces breakage.


Be Careful with Breakage


Speaking of breakage, this is a major issue for anyone with curly hair. Not only is curly hair more prone to breakage because it’s dry, but the breakage leads to a level of frizz that straight-haired people couldn’t imagine.


It’s important to be gentle with your child’s hair.


You’ll also need to be cautious with hairstyles. Look for headbands and ponytail holders that are made for curly hair so they don’t get tangled as easily.

What Makes Sir Flax Different from Other Curly Hair Products for Kids

I speak from experience when it comes to curly hair products for kids and the challenges they present. That’s why I developed a product that addresses those issues to make life easier for parents and kids.


Sir Flax is a multi-action product, providing frizz control and curl enhancement while also strengthening the hair against future breakage. This means fewer products to buy and less work to squeeze into your schedule.


Most importantly, though, Sir Flax uses exclusively natural, organic ingredients that will be gentler on your child’s sensitive scalp in the same way they relieved my own son’s scalp irritation.

Getting the Products You Need for Your Child’s Hair

Curly hair has a beautiful uniqueness that every child should feel proud to wear. As a parent, when you learn how to keep those curls beautiful and healthy, you empower your child to see their curls as the blessing they are.


To simplify your routine while enhancing your child’s curls, shop our Sir Flax curly hair products for kids.